Girls Gone Wild Goes to Pot

Girls Gone Willd Goes to Pot

What ever happened to the massively popular video series featuring college girls drinking their weight in liquor and making bad decisions on camera? They've gone from drunk to stoned, and are fortunately making better decisions.

According to Fusion, the evolution of Girls Gone Wild is seen in sites like Ganja Girls and GGDub, both of which depict sexy half-naked girls smoking weed.

“Instead of girls getting drunk and acting like fools, the GGDub crew would be chill, sensitive, intelligent, like to hike, swim, surf, practice our photography, burn joints and watch good movies,” GGDub states on its website.

Michael Smith, CEO of Ganja Girls, started the site after noticing that his wife would get negative comments from other women for using marijuana to treat her terminal illness.

“I thought whatever hot girls do in public, the media is OK with is, so I decided if I could get pictures of hot girls smoking it might help change the image of weed,” Smith says. “I only care about showing the sexy side of marijuana and the more I can show it, the more I can normalize it."